Notes from Exponential: 8 Steps to Establish Missional Communities

Below are the notes from a talk about starting Missional Groups from Alex Absalom. 

Write down a name who would not come to church but you want to know Christ. - This is where the kingdom wants to come. Jesus has already come into this persons life. 


1. ASK God through prayer: God what is your heart for my context?

2. That will lead you to your person of peace. 

peace/shalom was a greeting you would give to a household (oikos). Look for someone who responds to you with openness or who already is connected to you in a friendship. 

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You are looking for someone who responds to Jesus in you. They become the gate keepers to the context. 

3. Who am I "one of?"

This is all about intentional community. God is a God who is for us and a God who comes to be with us. His holiness and our sinfulness creates seperation but He comes to earth as one of us. As He lives in is we start to look like Him. We then get sent out of be a model of God to others -living for others and with them. Living missionally means being a part of a group -no longer "those people" that you are reaching but "us."

This means being in genuine friendships and relationships with the group you are becoming "one of" or are "one of."

Missions isn't reaching the physically needy. It's reaching the spiritually needy and they are everywhere! They could be defined by geography, career, Interests, anything! It's defined by your Missional context. 

4. Can I pray for you? 

This is an easy way for you to move into spiritual conversations. Pray for a person right there and leave it. Leave it to the Spirit. This will create room for Spiritual conversations. 

Simply treat unchristian friends like your Christian friends. Isn't this how Jesus sent his disciples out? To pray for healing and demonstrate the power of God. Create space for the demonstration of God's power within the context of relationships. They expect you to pray. That's what Jesus followers do. 

5. Do you want to learn from Jesus? 

This is how you invite people into a Missional community - a discipleship relationship. A disciple is one who hears what Jesus says and obeys what he heard. Ask what did Jesus say and how will you respond? When this is supported by the proof of relationships and community -where they get to see the teaching of Jesus lived out- they can internalize the truth. 

"But I'm not a Christian" - Not a problem! 

"But I've got a lot of junk in my life." Not a problem! C'mon! 

This means the community needs to be doing that as a party of their family rhythm to create a stage to bring the seeker into.

6. Who is with us and what do they need?

Build rhythms of relational discipleship into the community. 

7. Who is ready for more?

Move people from the larger group (Multiple families living in biblical community - what we call Missional Family Groups) into smaller groups for vulnerable relationship discipleship of 3-12 people.  [This is where we do Depth groups at Restoration Church of 3-6.]  "The best size for these groups is 3-7."

8. Who is ready to go?

How can we multiply? The key to this is a) cast the vision early and 2) develop a leader or leaders to go out and start a new group. 


Celebrate God's work by telling stories. Tell the simple stories, the little wins. Don't just wait for the big wins.  


[Note from Lance: This is so exciting! God is starting a movement to reach the unreachable though Missional Family Groups / Communities. Also, what a humble, Spirit-filled teacher -Alex Absalom. Wow!]