When did Peter become a Christian? Footnotes - Kinetic Part 2

We talked today about the fact that Jesus engaged the disciples -at least Peter, Andrew, James, and John- in relationships before He gave them a pretty radical call to "Follow Me." We learned that friendship with Jesus precedes radical obedience to Jesus, that the latter is the result of the former. We said it this way: Authentic friendship is always the root when authentic worship is the fruit.

With that in mind, when did the disciples "get saved" as we call it? Was it at a sermon? Was it during a crusade? Maybe a great worship band came to town? Nope. The disciples "believe on Him" when they went to a party with Jesus. (Read John 2:11.) In the context of Jesus' service of others at a wedding party, where the disciples were hanging out with Him and others, Jesus chose to reveal His glory. When He did, the most important converts in history trusted Jesus to be the One who would take away their sins.

Jesus can, of course, use all kinds of methods, models, and mechanisms to show people His glory. He can do so during sermons, worship, and in-the-moment gospel encounters. But, the more I pay attention to the tactics of Jesus as He started the Christian movement, the more I see Him engaging in relationships. And, in the context of those relationships non-believers believe and become disciples who eventually make other disciples.  -Lance