Step One: Missional Family Group | Build Together

Step One: Missional Family Group | Build Together


Over the next few days I am going to write a few posts giving everyone a script of how to start and establish a Missional Family Group. As a church, we may have one or two groups to get started but going forward, we expect missional family groups to be the main tool we use to help people get into depth groups. I have tried to include action steps for each leader/group to check off as the begin to live as family on mission. 

Build Together | Become Family with Insiders. Family. Food. Fun. Faith. 

It is important to give this part time. To reach outsiders you need different types of family rhythms planned out. If you skip this step you will not experience biblical community. You will not become a family. You will not have a natural place to invite insiders into. We have been in some of these rhythms in previous small groups so you may be able to go faster, but make sure you get into a full family rhythm together. What do you do to truly begin to engage each other as family? 

Action Step - At your first meeting, play a game to help you get to know each other.
Action Step - Study Scripture together during that first night. Ask application questions like “How will this idea impact your life? What do you need this idea/truth in your life right now?”
Action Step - Give everyone a chance to pray to start sharing spiritual intimacy. “I will start, my wife will end it, in the middle anyone who would like to pray feel free to jump in. Feel free to jump in more than once.
Action Step - Plan a day or two to share a meal together during the first month.
Action Step - Plan a fun event or two to do together in the first month.
Action Step - Plan your rhythms. This is more than a weekly meeting. Fun Time. Food Time. Faith Time. Monthly.

Questions to ask:

What night is best for you to meet?
What do we want to study together?
How often do we want to have faith time?
How often do we want to eat together?
How often do we want to do something fun?
Do we want to do those things on a different night?

Best practices:

Divide faith time and fun time so that there are spaces safer for outsiders.
Add food to one or the other or both.
Fun night doesn’t have to be anything more than just eating and hanging out.
Think of this more like hanging out with family/friends and less like a church event. 
What best practices would you recommend?


Group A - This group meets every Tuesday night to eat together. They’ve decided to order pizza every week and divide the cost to make it easier. They are studying Tim Keller’s book on prayer together on Tuesday nights. They’ve also decided that they want to go bowling together every other Friday night to just have fun. 

Group B - This group meets on Sunday night. They’ve decided that every other Sunday night they will develop their faith by studying the book of Ephesians together and praying together. On the Sunday nights they aren’t studying together they will share a potluck meal and play their favorite card game.

Questions? Engage here or via social media.