Step 3/4: Missional Family Groups | Build Out and Build Down

Enough planning. Enough talking. Let’s do it. You’ve established a plan. You are living in rhythms as a family with other believers. You have a strategy. You have a few people in mind that you want to reach, that you are on mission for. Now go do it. Live out the mission plan.

Build Out | Begin making friends with Outsiders

You have started truly becoming family with your Christian friends. You have determined through prayer and wisdom a certain group of people you want to reach. You’ve planned a strategic event or two to create an opportunity to make those friends. 

Action Step - Add these outreach events to your rhythms. Faith. Fun. Food. Friends.

Best Practices:

This isn’t just one event. Maybe a monthly or even weekly event. 
The point of the event is to make friends -build rapport, start relationships. 

Build Down | Become family with outsiders

You’ve been regularly connecting with your Christian family. You’ve been meeting and making friends with outsiders through parties or projects. Now what? Invite your new friends into some of the more surface family times your groups plans. The idea is to build them into all your family rhythms over time.

Action Step - Invite the friends you are most connected to to a fun night for your group. 
Action Step - Once they are comfortable invite them to a spiritual discussion, a “faith building time for your group.”

Best Practices:

- Take your time. The Spirit is the true evangelist. 
- Your group has different gifts use them all. One person may have the gift of hospitality and be great at making people feel welcomed. Others may be teachers and be best at talking through tough concepts. Someone may be gifted as a listener or counsellor and help take the convo to deeper levels. Someone may be a gifted evangelist. Its ok if they find themselves sharing the gospel more often. Everyone uses their gifts.
- Always be aware of the outsiders presence. Make them feel comfortable.
- There may be times where inviting a person into a depth group makes sense. The intimacy provided in a group of 3 or 4 other guys or girls allows for deeper honest conversation. Either way, the goal is to have everyone in a depth group either once they become a Christian or right after.