Step Two: Missional Family Groups | Build Up


Build Up | Make Friends. Throw parties. Do projects.

As we work to build together we can also begin to discuss how we are going to reach others. We can build up a strategy to reach out and show and tell the gospel to people in our city.

Action Step - Write out a list of activities the families and individuals in your group are interested in.
Action Step - Take some time during one of your faith building meetings to whiteboard a list of people you know that you hope to reach with the gospel. 
Action Step - For those individuals or families begin to list the things they are interested in.
Action Step - Determine the most common shared interests between the people you want to reach.
Action Step - Determine the shared interests for the people in your group.
Action Step - Focus in on one person/family/group to begin to reach.
Action Step - Begin to plan ways to reach a person/family/group like that.

Stage one is finding ways to make friends with people in the group you’ve decided to reach.

Best Practices:

- The goal is to have a “person type” you will all agree to reach.
- Think of yourselves as mission team on a mission trip because you are.
- Think parties or projects. The people you are going to reach will come to a party or join you in a project before they will be interested in faith discussions.
- The point is to create venues where your group can make friends with people who need Jesus.
- The next step in this process is to invite the people you are hoping to reach into the family rhythms. These are people that you will invite to eat with you, go bowling with, etc. Keep that in mind.
- Find ways you can included your current life naturally. For example: If your kids all play soccer maybe you build your group to reach other soccer parents.
- Some members of the group may have to temporarily sacrifice their preferred focus group to help reach others. This won’t matter long term because 1) there is always the opportunity to learn and build relationships around any topic and 2) this may simply mean God is preparing a person to start a new group with a new focus. Eventually, groups will be founded on the basis of the target mission more than other unifying factors.


Group A decides they want to reach John and Jan’s friends the Smiths. The Smith’s are big college football fans and so are a few of the other families in the group. The MFG decides to throw a big football party every Monday night. They invite friends over, including the Smiths.

Group B decides they want to impact the families in their neighborhood. The neighborhood is very conscious so the MFG establishes a mission project to the local school. They ask the neighbors to join them. Some of them do.