What is a missional community?  
It is much more than your typical small group.  A missional community is a group of families that are brought together around a common mission in the community in which they live.  These families spend intentional time living together, playing together, eating together, and living with a Kingdom purpose together.  We do not join a missional community to learn more information about the bible, we join a missional community to apply what we've learned in our personal time with God, our depth groups, and our corporate worship gatherings.  

Why should I join a missional community?
At the core of the missional community is the belief that God has called each and every believer to be a missionary.  Missionaries and disciple makers are not vocational positions in the church.  Although some are called to give their whole life to these tasks, the great commission in Matthew 28 was given to all those who are disciples of Jesus.  Therefore, as a church, we believe that it is necessary to provide some structure for each believer to live out their God given calling.  

How do I choose a missional community?
Each missional community has a common passion or mission that brings it's members together.  These passions are supported by the church,  but initiated by the pastoral leadership.  Currently we have two missional communities.  One focuses on serving those who are affected by poverty in Durham and one focuses are serving international students from the universities in Durham and Chapel Hill.  We are excited to see what new communities will form as our church grows.   

IF you are interested in learning more about missional communities, please contact us and we'll sit down with you and answer any questions you have.